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                                TeleMagic Sales Automation

A Fine-Tuned Machine that keeps the Wheels of Business Success in Motion.

In this day of continual change, it is imperative that a company be as organized as possible. Keeping up with sales leads, customer information, and business trends can be a huge job. TeleMagic Enterprise keeps track of all of this information for you, making it the core of your business success.

By organizing the flow of information throughout your company, this enterprise-wide system creates a firm foundation for your entire business. Its comprehensive design focuses on customer relationship management, giving your company the ability to use the power of information to its greatest potential, which in turn means greater profits for you.

TeleMagic Enterprise is designed to be used on a network, every department has access to up-to-the-minute information on all of your company's customers. By using the information gathered by each department, your entire company can coordinate its efforts to ensure the highest quality of service. TeleMagic can also be linked to any number of other applications, including many of today's popular accounting packages, creating a fully integrated system and making the wheels of business success turn smoothly.

With its total customization capabilities, TeleMagic lets you decide what information you need and how you want that information organized. This unique customization feature allows companies to arrange their work environment the way that works best for them. Archiving and retrieving customer information is as easy as a push of a button.

As your business grows, your knowledge base grows too. The more you learn about your customer, the better the relationship between you and your customer. The records you keep on companies, contacts within those companies and activities associated with those contacts contain valuable information that is distinct, but related. TeleMagic allows you to arrange those records into a three-level hierarchy, grouping relevant information for easy access by all departments. This relational database is just one of the many features in TeleMagic that helps your company use the power of information to produce maximum results.

Like a fined-tune machine, TeleMagic contains many features that are designed to work together, creating an informational power center within your company. A power center that guides your company through the mass of daily information, and organizes it to guarantee greater business success.


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The Future of TeleMagic

Sage, the owner of TeleMagic, has frozen the product code at Version 5, service pack 4, and discontinued direct support. 

Sage has stated they will continue to sell TeleMagic through the reseller channel, and rely on the channel to provide customer support. 

Computer Evaluations has been supporting TeleMagic since 1989, and will continue to provide customer support for the foreseeable future.  We continue to offer training, telephone and on-site support, customization services and upgrades for those using older versions.  We also offer conversion assistance for customers wishing to move to other CRM systems, such as Act! or SalesLogix. 

In addition, the publisher of the very popular TeleMagic add-ons, Hot Buttons and Outlook Magic, continues to develop and support new features for TeleMagic.

If your TeleMagic database has been highly customized with relational tables, and you feel you must change platforms, we urge you to consider moving to Act! or SalesLogix, as they are scalable, highly customizable,  web accessible and priced fairly. For more information on other CRM products, call 800-736-3624.